17806984_10212446187619568_2093725518_nHi! I’m BadFootBill. That’s not actually my real name. I’m from Essex. I’m a teacher. I am also a black belt in jujitsu and teach self-defence. I have a tortoise. His name is Frank. I also have chronic pain.

After a seemingly normal ankle sprain reoccurred, followed by 18 months of medical negligence, I received a operation to remove a piece of cracked cartilage in my right ankle. A little over a year after this I was back in pain. After 6 more months of investigations, specialists came to the conclusion that there was no physiological reasons as to why I was in pain and that the previous trauma had left me with Chronic Pain Syndrome. That was in May 2014.

I have learnt a lot about pain since then and continue to do so as I carry on with life and my hurty ankle. I have started this to inform people of the everyday struggles and emotions faced by people like me and aim to help in any way I can…while being sat at my computer. The Day-by-Day page outlines my relationship with pain on a daily basis and I will also write more concise blogs, offering advice and insight to living with pain and anxiety.